Food Fight Podcast Pineapples on pizza. Cornbread vs biscuits. What is pumpkin spice? And are grits necessary? This panel will debate, celebrate or eliminate what we ruminate. Hosted and moderated by t. sterling watson.

December 28, 2016  

Beloved host draws lines in the sand and makes a controversial (and some would consider sacrilegious) stand for something he'd like to see one day: #CremelessOreos. Besides that, all share love for the Milk's Favorite Cookie, but not for all the various random flavors and varieties no one seemed to ask for. And in true Food Fight Podcast fashion, other topics are discussed such as Walmart, Zaxby's, and shell-less sunflower seeds. But important issues are brought to light such as proper dunking technique and who actually likes the Double Stuf Oreo.


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